What services does C3D offer?  


C3D offers a wide variety of design services. We specialize in the following


·         Product Design (idea > prototype > prototype > product)


·         Tap Handle Design for breweries and home brewers


·         Cosplay design (costume and props)


·         3D printing and scanning.


We are also working on several products of our own and are open to collaboration with other creative people and groups.


What 3D printers does C3D have?  


Currently we have two 3D printers:


·         Projet 460 (color/ gypsum base material)


·         Form 2 (SLA/ resins / plastics). 


The Projet 460 is primarily used for our tap handle service, but we are open to other builds if you have a project, prototype, or product that requires crazy color or textures.


The Form 2 is used for when you need high resolution plastic parts. We can use a variety of different resins that Form Labs offers (see resin list).


What is your 3D printer(s) build dimensions?  


·         Projet 460: (L x W x H) inch = (8 x 10 x 8) inch


·         Form 2: (L x W x H) inch = (5.7 x 5.7 x 6.9) inch


If you need larger parts, we have methods of printing your large part in sections and assembling them to create the final size you need


How long does it take to 3D print?  


·         Projet 460: A full build takes about 21 hours or less.

·         The Form Labs build time is dependent on size, resin used, and resolution of the parts. The higher the resolution the longer the build time.


Form Labs Example: If you have a part on normal resolution (100 micron) that takes 4 hours to build, a 50-micron build will take 8 hours and a 25-micron build will take 16 hours.


How does C3D make tap handles?  


We use the Projet 460 3D Printer (full color 3D printer) to create the physical tap handle. This printer is able to print full color and textures and we can load multiple tap handles in one build (how many we can fit depends on the dimensions of the tap handle).


How long does it take to custom design a tap handle?  


It really depends on the design. Expect your design to be completed within a 1-2-week period.


How do I send C3D the color/textures, logos, or custom design concept, etc.?


You can send us your color/textures, logos, rules, or any other supporting documents via email: info@creative3dimensional.com or fill out our Contact Form on our website.


What file types do you accept?


CAD/ 3D FILES: We can support any file types that Solid Works or our 3D printers can accept. Below is a list of some files. If you don’t see your file below, you can contact us and we will work with you to get the issue resolved


·         SLDPRT

·         SLDASM

·         SLDDRW

·         PRT

·         ASM

·         DRW

·         IGS

·         WRL

·         STEP

·         STL

·         OBJ


Image or Document:


·         All Microsoft Word Documents

·         PDF

·         All Adobe (Photoshop/Illustrator/Premiere)

·         TIF

·         PNG

·         JPEG


Any other document not listed we can probably open, but you can contact us for more info.


If your file is too large to send over email, you or C3D can share files via Google Drive.


What is the artwork/decal charges for a generic tap handle?  


We charge $50.00 for art and design.


Why are there different design packages for custom tap handles?  


We have different design packages because each entity has different requirements.


·         Home brewers primarily only need 1-4 tap handles and 1 design.


·         Small breweries tend to on need one design and low volume orders (10-20 taps).


·         Larger or expanding breweries tend to need a design with many different configurations with their different products and a higher volume (50-100+ taps).


·         Special Events or Clubs tend to require the same as larger or expanding breweries but are normally a “one time buy” or very infrequent purchases of 3D print builds.


How do we verify a tap handle design?  


After a digital design is created, C3D will send you screenshots and a 3D PDF for you to review/verify and call out or make any changes. After the final digital approval, we will 3D print you a set of tap handles. This helps you confirm the design meets your standards in color/texture, size, and quality.


·         No sample set for Home Brewer Design Package. All design edits/changes must be confirmed before 3D printing during the digital design approval process.


·         4 max for Brewer Design Package


·         1 of each configuration designs if you have the Brewers Pro or Special Event/Club Design Packages.  


Once a sample set is confirmed, the 3D printing process can begin


3D Printing is an individual service from the one-time design packages.


Does C3D have a minimum order for tap handles?


There is no minimum order for 3D printing tap handles. If you need 3 tap handles, we will do that. If you need 1000, we will also do that… just give us a little more time for printing and post processing.


Can I change my order quantity during the 3D print process?


Yes, you can add more to the order, but can not subtract from the order if we have already 3D printed the original desired quantity. All extra tap handles ordered will be invoiced.


How long does it take for a cosplay design to be completed?  


It really depends on the design. Expect your design to be completed within a 1-2-month period. This is a more hands on design process.


How long does it take to design a cosplay prop?  


It really depends on the design. Expect your design to be completed within a 2 week to a month-long period.


How does the payment process work (Design)?  


We do an initial non-refundable 50% down payment for design work (Contracted, Cosplay, Custom Tap Handle Packages). This is to initial the design process and cover any initial expenses.


The remaining 50% will be invoiced when the design is complete.


How does the payment process work (3D printing)?  


We do an initial 50% down payment to initial the 3D printing process


The remaining 50% will be invoiced when the item(s) is complete and shipped.


What shipping service does C3D use?


What ever service you see fit. All charges for shipping and service will be added to the final invoice.


What currency does C3D use?


All prices are USD.


Can I get a quote or contact C3D?


You can email us at info@creative3dimensional.com or fill out our Contact Form on our website.

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